Once every six months Microsoft sends down a firmware/dashboard update to the Xbox360. It seems to be working well because they really haven’t broken anything yet and they’ve pretty much only been adding new features or fixing some small usability issues.

In their Tokyo Game Show press release they’ve made a bit of a surprise announcement about the Fall 06 update. It’s going to add 1080p output to the 360! Games can be created to take advantage of the mega-resolution natively, and if they’re not the console will just upconvert them anyway.

Even your 480p DVD movies will get upconverted! How sweet is that.

Sony and whiny stats-masters like myself were always so eager to point out that while the 360 can only do 1080i, the PS3 ships with 1080p out of the box. Well soon that won’t be the case anymore. Take that Phil Harrison!

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