For our anniversary gift this year my parents took Tammy and I to see Willie Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl. They had won some box seats in a charity auction, so we tagged along and watched the Nelsonator on Friday night.

Willie’s first set was mostly slow songs, but the LA Philharmonic played backup and it was pretty sweet. The second set was longer and just had his usual honkey-tonkery, with some funny new stuff thrown in at the end. I’m no big Willie Nelson fan, but I had a great time that night.

I hadn’t been to the Hollywood Bowl in at least fifteen years, but I decided I really liked it there. The box seats all had these little tables so my mom had brought this big salmon dinner with appetizers and all kinds of neat stuff. They even let you bring in your own booze! That was nice of them I thought.

I like this picture because it makes the lighting rig look like an alien spaceship.

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