What’s missing from this picture?

My wedding ring.

I lost it on our trip to San Francisco. Tammy and I had just finished up a morning at the Bliss spa. She got a massage and I got my first facial ever.

The facial was nice. Astrud Gilberto and Norah Jones quietly sang to me through a speaker in the ceiling while I lay in a towel-covered lounge chair in a darkened room as as a nice lady rubbed nice-smelling things all over my face. I even had cucumbers on my eyes – the whole bit.

This facial included an arm/hand and leg/foot massage, complete with massage oil! That was super, but it left my fingers and toes in a greasy, slippery state. Somewhere between leaving the locker room that morning and sitting down to lunch that afternoon my ring must have just slipped off.

I’ve retraced my steps and made all kinds of phone calls. I’ve been checking the lost and found at Craig’s List San Francisco every single day. So far nothing’s turned up, and I’ve pretty much lost all hope.

Today, on my three-year wedding anniversay, I really miss it. 🙁

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