My eyes are going bad.

I’m 28 and I’ve never had to wear glasses. In the past two or three months, however, I’ve noticed that I’m starting to have trouble focusing on my computer screens.

I guess I only realized the problem a few days ago. I was thinking to myself “I used to be able to read that text without squinting, and now I can’t. Wait a…OH GOD MY EYES”

That realization scared the hell out of me, and I knew I had to take action! Desparate times call for desparate measures, so that night I went to the grocery store and immediately put myself on an all-carrot, all-the-time diet.

I had hoped that this would shock my system with enough Vitamin A to snap my eyes back into their awesomely perfect state toute suite.

Unfortunately after a day and a half of eating nothing but carrots, my body fought back with some hardcore diarrhea. See what happens when you try to do a good thing for your body? I guess I put my colon on fiber overload. Sorry, colon.

Anyway I did some research and found that carrots are *a* good source of Vitamin A, but probably not the best source for a significant amount of it. So I quit my diet right then and there.

Yesterday I switched to taking Vitamin A supplements. 8000 I.U. per day is 5000 more than what the government recommends, so I am expecting RESULTS. The tolerable upper intake level for a human being is acutally 10,000 IU per day…any more than that and it’s HELLO CANCER! Or osteoperosis. Or a host of other equally scary medical problems.

Like you, I always assumed that poor vision was not reversible. This is mostly true. However I have read reports of malnourished prisoners in other countries who have had their lousy eyesight magically healed after a few weeks of eating good food and taking the right vitamins.

I hope this works…

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