I’ll be honest. I don’t listen to the rock and roll that the kids listen to these days. You got your Radioheads and your Aerosmiths and your Pearl Jams and your Strokes and your White Stripes and what have you…but man those guys are just no good. Their rhythms just don’t speak to my SOUL, MAN.

However! Coldplay is the one band that has managed to melt my icy heart of rock. I don’t really know how it happened, but somewhere along the way I guess I started liking them.

So Chris Martin named his kids Apple and Moses. I’m willing to overlook that if they release another album as good as X&Y. White Shadows is a great song! Talk is just an old Kraftwerk tune but Coldplay added lyrics to it to make it BETTER!

For a while there I was raging against the corporate record making machine and just writing off all their artists as talentless digitally tweaked overengineered crapola…but they can and do pump out some good stuff from time to time. Coldplay is good stuff according to me!

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