I am annoyed about two things!

First! Who gives a crap about Mel Gibson! Seriously. Lots of people get DUIs every day. Why are we still talking about him? Everybody says stupid crap that they don’t mean when they’re drunk. Who cares!

Look at that face. He’s trashed! How could anyone take offense to anything that comes out of that mouth?

Also! It’s bad enough that we have to take our shoes and belts off in airport security, but now we can’t even carry toothpaste or bottles of unopened water on a plane! What the christ! I forsee a future where in order to board an airplane everyone must change into a TSA-provided unitard. Changing stations at all airports will be provided and your original clothes will be sealed in plastic bags and thrown in with the rest of the luggage. Your only inflight entertainment will be a copy of Skymall and the GameBoy that you smuggled up your butt prior to boarding. That is not a future that I look forward to!

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