Listen to me, Internet. Something strange is going on.

Check out the picture on

WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE? I recognize Paul Robb in the red hair… But Morrissey Jr., that blonde girl and the other guy are new to my eyes.

Is Information Society COMING BACK with three new members? The last I heard was that Kurt Harland bought the rights to the band’s name years ago and hasn’t done anything with it recently. (He also took the Insoc sound to a strange and embarrasing gothic/industrial place, but that’s another story for another day.)

Maybe Paul bought the rights back from Kurt and is going to resurrect the classic Insoc sound? Maybe? I hope? Who knows! You read it here first!

Oh wow. Five minutes of e-research gave me the answer I was looking for!

Information Society reformed on May 1st. Their Myspace blog REVEALS ALL!

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