Tammy got a new job last year that has her travelling a lot. She’s racking up the frequent flier miles and getting all kinds of neat Starwood bonuses so that’s a plus.

She was in Chicago for two weeks last month. Yesterday she was in Phoenix for a few hours. She flew out at eight in the morning and was back home by seven. Today she’s in Denver and comes back tomorrow. Then Friday (her birthday) we’re both flying up to San Francisco for a wedding this weekend.

I don’t know how she does it. I’m not much of a traveller and I don’t think I could keep up with that kind of schedule.

As a side effect of her flying all around this great nation of ours, I’ve gotten to know John Wayne/Sana Ana airport intimately. It’s basically the greatest small airport ever. There’s never any traffic, parking lots are really close to baggage claim, parking is only $1 an hour (Ontario is $2!), and everything is covered so that if it’s pouring rain you stay dry.

Hey look! I took a picture in an airport and nobody arrested me or tried to confiscate my camera. If The Duke were still alive, he’d say “Let freedom ring, bitches.”

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