I cancelled my Sirius subscription this week.

The programming was good, but the sound quality definitely wasn’t. I think Sirius is trying to squeeze too many channels into their limited spectrum. Listening to the music channels was like listening to MP3s encoded somewhere between 96 and 112kbps. At times the talk stations sounded worse than AM radio.

When I first signed up for Sirius two years ago my daily commute had me behind the wheel for a butt-numbing three hours a day. Sirius was the only thing that helped me keep my sanity on slow-moving LA freeways.

Once we moved offices I stopped taking the freeway and now I’m only driving 50 minutes a day. I have enough podcasts and music of my own to fill that time, so I just don’t need Sirius anymore.

It was fun to watch them grow and to keep up with all their programming changes and whatnot. Maybe once they figure out how to match the sound quality of HD Radio I’ll sign up again.

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