Maybe you’ve heard, but there’s this Superman movie coming out soon.

This is a wasted opportunity.

Instead of remaking an old movie, they should have made a totally new one. And not just a sequel – a PREQUEL!

The only Superman movie I’d want to watch is one that explains what life was like on Krypton before everyting went to hell.

Seriously. All we really know is that Krypton was a planet full of crystals and people with white hair. And then one day everyone died.

I don’t care about Superman. I want to know how people lived when Krypton’s advanced civilization was at its peak. What forms of transportation did they use? Did they live underground or above ground? What did they use to power their cities? What attempts were made to prevent the destruction of their civilization? Why did they fail? What kind of interpersonal relationships and conflicts did the Kryptonians have?

There are so many opportunities here for good storytelling and an exploration of life on Krypton pre-Superman that I can’t help but see this movie as a total waste of resources.

I sound like Comic Book Guy! Worst movie ever!

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