Here’s some great ideas I’ve been thinking about lately.

The first is a restaurant that I (or someone) would open. It would be called “Chocolate For Lunch”. It’d only be open for lunch, and it’d only serve chocolate. Chocolate bars, truffles, you name it. But not just a little bit – I’m talking platefulls of the stuff. Enough to fill you up around lunchtime. Can you imagine being served a plate that contains nothing but chunks of dark chocolate? I can. And believe me, brother, you’d want to be there.

Another idea I have is for a painting. If I were an artist, I’d paint a picture of a FedEx guy and a UPS guy wearing their uniforms and holding hands in a grassy field of daffodils with a big blue sky behind them. They’d be doing that thing where you face each other holding each other’s hands and lean back while you spin around in a circle. They’d have big smiles of laughter on their faces because it was a beautiful day and they were the best of friends. Also this picture would not seem gay.

Aren’t these great ideas? At least one of them is! But which one?

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