I don’t really like iTunes and I only use it for two things: to rarely copy music to my iPod and to manage podcasts for me.

It copies music well enough, but it does a pretty lousy job of managing podcasts.

Every week I sync my iPod on Monday morning right after iTunes has downloaded new podcasts from the last seven days.

When I do this, the ‘blue dot’ indicator that goes away when you listen to a podcast GETS RESET and applied to every podcast in my library, so I have no idea what I’ve listened to and what I haven’t. That’s magical.

Other times iTunes will transfer over all but like two or three of the new podcasts for no good reason. It doesn’t throw up an error message or anything so I usually find out mid-week when I’m stuck listening to an episode of Car Talk that I just heard the week before. Syncing again fixes this, but what the christ!

My theory is that iTunes sees Winamp running in the background and it’s jealous. It can’t stand that its competition gets to play all of my SWEET TUNES and it’s protesting by making my iPod as difficult to use as possible.


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