Life throws you curves sometimes! Nothing eventful has really happened to me lately, but I’ve been thinking back to how I was a kid and there were some things in my life now that I just never saw coming back in the 80s.

As a child I pretty much thought I’d be a kid forever. I didn’t give much thought to growing up. I never ever thought that I would drive a car, own a house, get married, not go to school anymore, be able to buy anything in the grocery store that I want, go to Disneyland every day of the year if I feel like it, buy any video game or console system whenever, see a vagina, cook things on a grill, watch enough television to make my eyeballs turn to jelly, take naps all Saturday long, take naps all Sunday long, buy things at Home Depot, be responsible for the care and maintenance of one fish two cats and a horse, drink to the point of violent regurgitation, rub Tabasco into my eyes, look at my parents as peers more than parents, buy my own clothes, buy a tree, fly on an airplane by myself, and oh hell the list could go on forever.

The point is that nobody really knows what’ll happen tomorrow, and anyone who says they do is either crazy or doing some insider trading.

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