My aunt, uncle, and cousin were in town over the weekend. My cousin was playing in a soccer tournament in Temecula, so I drove out there to watch the games and spent the night with my parents, brother, and his fiancee. (Tammy’s in Baltimore on business – rubbing elbows with Dana Carvey!)

It rained on and off all day Saturday, which made for some muddy soccer matches, but we all came equipped with warm clothes and umbrellas so we were fine.

We had some free time in between games so we spent a few hours wine tasting on Saturday. We were in Temecula, after all!

The Temecula wine tasting circuit has a much different vibe than it does up in say, Napa. When you go wine tasting up north you mostly see hoity-toity white people who talk in hushed tones about tannins and bouquets, periodically pausing to smell their own farts. Temecula wineries have limos and party busses pulling up every five minutes and the people who stumble out represent a pretty good cross section of America. I counted three bachelorette parties!

Here’s some vines with a storm in the distance.

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