Tammy was in Seattle last week, so after work Friday night I drove out to my parents’ house and spent the night.

I really enjoy spending time with my parents now, maybe even more than I did when I was younger and living with them. When you’re an adult you really start to appreciate everything they did for you and how much fun they can be to hang out with. It’s like you start to love them on an entirely different level.

Even if all we do is sit around and drink and watch TV and catch up, it’s good vibes all around. At least that’s how it feels for me. I think I’m pretty fortunate to have such a great relationship with my parents. A lot of my adult friends have moms and dads out there that are emotionally abusive or distant or just jerks in general, so sometimes I feel like I won a lottery somewhere.

Saturday morning I went to check out my brother and his fiancee’s new apartment in Redondo Beach. It’s on Broadway – just two blocks from the beach. It’s big, spacious, a little old maybe, but the location is awesome. I’m jealous.

Driving through PV is excruciating sometimes. I miss living there so much. The clean air, the incredible views, the unending greenery, and the gigantic eucalyptuses make it one of the nicest places to live in LA county. And also one of the most expensive, so I don’t see myself going back anytime soon. If money was no object, I’d move back in a heartbeat.

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