I have a bone to pick with Sucker Punch Productions.

I just finished Sly Cooper 3 tonight.

No game should ever let you finish it when the game’s progress bar is at 52%. That’s just a basic rule that’s been around since…well, forever. It seems like common sense, you know?

Here I was thinking I had hours and hours more playtime ahead of me – twice as much game as I had already played – and boom! End of game.

Turns out the remaining 48% are these stupid optional time trials that force you to replay parts of the game over and over. Wow, I really can’t wait to replay the exact same game that I just spent a month to finish a second time just to get 100% and unlock some lame-ass movie. Thanks, Sucker Punch!

At least when other games pull this crapola they let you finish above a more reasonable number, like 90%. Castlevania even let you explore the unlockables after you finished the game and extended the counter to something crazy high like 180%. Remember that?

What is wrong with people?

Aside from that glaring cock-up and the lack of support for a memory card in slot 2, I’d have to say that Sly 3 was a pretty fun little platformer.

Gonna tackle Psychonauts next. That ought to keep me busy until Rogue Galaxy hits the US.

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