Valentine’s Day dinner at Storytellers Cafe last night.

I love that my crappy low-res cameraphone actually has a sepia setting.

I don’t collect Disney pressed pennies, but there’s a lot of people out there who do. This one has been causing a stir lately. See if you can figure out why:

Yes, Chip appears to have a cock’n’balls.

Well, not really. It would take a special kind of nerd to make that connection but it has been made and the penny collectors are going “nuts” about it. Ho ho! Hilarious. And also pathetic!

This guy sums up the situation pretty well, and chalks it up to a computer error in the digital-to-die press conversion, which seems plausible. He’s also overreacting a bit by warning children to stay away from the photo and covering the glitch up with a fig leaf, but I guess penny collectors are a special breed of conservative. Who knew?

Since we were in the area last night I made it my mission to check out the penny machine and sure enough it was there, onstage for anyone to use.

$3.06 later and I had six of my own. You never know!

Rare, prototype, and ‘error’ pennies have allegedly sold for hundreds and thousands of dollars in the past (I’m pretty sure this never happens) but judging by how long this one’s been onstage I doubt they have any plans to remove it. But hey, these six pennies might turn out to be my kid’s college fund someday.

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