I’ve been daydreaming of getting a plasma TV for a really long time. Unfortunately I’ve never really had the money to spend thousands of dollars on a TV. Mostly I just want to free up some space in my living room by hanging a TV on the wall.

I still don’t have a plasma (or the money) but I told myself that if Panasonic introduced a 50″ 1080p at this year’s CES, 2006 might be a year where I actually pull the trigger and make it happen one way or another.

1080i is great for TV, but when the PS3 hits the streets and outputs 1080p, I want to be ready.

Whelp, it looks like Panasonic let me down and saved me the trouble. Their only 1080p model for 2006 is a 65 incher, and that’s just way too big for my living room.

I guess I’m stuck waiting for the 2007 models now. Frustrating!

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