My Christmas vacation started off with a flat tire on Friday. That was fun.

Anyhoo Tammy got me a PSP, something I didn’t even realize I wanted until I started to play Metal Gear: Acid. It’s a great game regardless of what the mixed reviews would have you believe.

I loaded the 2.0 firmware on there against my better judgement so that I could play Prince of Persia, and it just so happens that the Fanjita loader was updated on Saturday to play homebrew on 2.0, so I’m all set for emulators and whatnot.

I had a chance to play around with my brother-in-law’s Xbox 360 over the weekend and was pretty impressed, although the games didn’t really grab me. I really like how you can power the console on and off from the controller, though. Looks like some progress is being made on the piracy front as well.

I came in to work today to tackle some stuff that had piled up, but starting tomorrow I’m off again until Tuesday. See you then!

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