Mario64 is a game near and dear to my heart. It was the reason I bought a Nintendo 64. Even though it may have been the first title released for the N64 it’s probably still the best game the platform has ever seen.

Normally you’d need to collect 70 stars throughout the game before you’d be allowed to climb the endless staircase to battle Bowser and finish it off. This could take hours.

However! There are a few map glitches in the game, and if you take advantage of them you can finish the whole thing with just 16 stars in a little less than 20 minutes.

I know, I know. It sounds crazy. I hear ya. That’s what I thought too. Then I watched this video and it all made sense.

Imagine what would happen if you told Data from Star Trek to play a video game as fast as he possibly could without dying once. This video is just like that. It’s insane.

Now, videos like this are nothing new. If you search Google for “speed run” you’ll find a ton. What’s unique about this one is how every known glitch in Mario64 is exploited perfectly to produce an absolutely flawless play-through of what I used to think was a really hard game!

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