Oh Nintendo, why are you so good at separating me from my money?

I was so proud of my GBA SP – possibly the most perfect handheld gaming system ever made. I play it all the time and have successfully resisted purchasing all other forms of handheld entertainment! I’m proud of myself for not succumbing to the fragility of the PSP, the sheer retardedness of the DS, and the eye-squintery and hand-crampery of your GBA Micro.

No sir, the GBA SP was the one for me! That was of course, until this morning, when I saw that you’ve refreshed my beloved SP by throwing in an even more vibrant screen with not one, but two brightness settings.

I’ll get one of course. And while I may love you dearly for giving my old friend a facelift, know too if we ever meet in a dark alley I will do my best to recover the $80 you’ve made me spend.

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