Sunday was a busy one for us!

We spent Saturday night at my parents, then drove out to LA to see the King Tut exhibit at LACMA. No photos were allowed, and you even had to check your camera phone at the door (if you admitted to having one on you!)

The exhibit was pretty sweet, but for some reason I was expecting to see a mummy or two. There were a ton of artifacts though, and lots of gold everywhere you looked. The audio headsets with Omar Sharif’s narration were really nifty too.

Sunday night we drove to the House of Blues in Hollywood to see Asia play the last show of their tour. We sort of know the drummer through a friend, so we got special access to the private club/lounge on the top floor called the Foundation Room where the VIPs hang out before and after the show. Cameras weren’t allowed there either, but I was able to sneak a shot with my cameraphone of the rainbow of access bracelets on my arm:

And a shot of the show from the VIP seating area on the balcony above the stage:

The band rocked. I don’t think I’d ever heard more than one or two Asia songs before this weekend, but they really put on a good show. We didn’t stay long for the party afterwards as we both had to work the next day, but things were really starting to get going around 1 in the morning.

Valet parking was $15 and gin and tonics were like $9.50. It was a long, long drive from home, too. Los Angeles, I miss you not!

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