It was this article that inspired me to recently procure a double-edged safety razor and all the accessories that go with it. This is how people used to shave in the 50s before disposable razors were invented.

Ever since I started shaving in high school I’ve been using an electric razor. I’d dabbled in the world of disposable razors but was never really happy with the end result, or with the mess of using modern-day shaving cream that smelled like deodorant.

Let me tell you. Old school shaving died an unjust death when disposables came around. I have seen the light, my friends!

Nothing beats the feeling of working up a lather of fine imported lavender english shaving cream with a badger-bristle shaving brush and then slicing away whiskers with a nice heavy stainless steel razor. It smells great, feels great, and leaves me with the closest shave I’ve ever had.

I’ll never throw away my electric razor. It’s just too convenient. But on mornings when I’ve got enough time to devote to the ritual, you’ll find me wetshaving in the style of my ancestors!

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