If you’ve been playing VMK and have found yourself short on cash, a screwup on the part of Kellogg’s Flash designers should help you out!

Play Conquer The Sea to get a secret code that you can redeem within VMK for three pirate-themed prizes. It doesn’t matter what level you play on, or even if you lose – Kelloggs’ game will still give you a code.

You’re only supposed to get one unique code, but through the miracle of shoddy coding you’ll receive a new unique code each and every time you play!

Play it for about an hour (or as long as you can stand) to rack up a bunch of codes, then redeem them all within VMK. You’ll then wind up with a jazillion pirate items that you can sell for 10 credits each!

Better hurry and do this quick before they figure out their mistake…Although to be fair it’s been like this for nearly a week now and they haven’t changed a thing.

If you’ve been trying to finish up the hidden mickey quest but don’t have enough cash to buy all that film, this is your answer!

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