Right outside my office window are a few palm trees. Today the gardeners were here trimming them. What a show!

First they climb the tree using spiked heels and a rope that wraps around the tree.

Then they unhook a chainsaw from their belt and they GO TO TOWN.

You can’t really see it in this photo, but this guy just got attacked by a SWARM OF BEES. He’s so tough he was like “I don’t have time for you shitty bees” and he acted like they weren’t even there! He must have special gardener skin that is resistent to insects.

This was his buddy working a few trees down.

Then through some elaborate rope trickery they SWING FROM TREE TO TREE to save themselves from having to climb more trees than they have to.


Although it looks like he was about to swing through my window and into my office, I assure you this is not the case! The job is complete!

The aftermath

In summary, we can conclude that palm tree trimming is a danergous job that I will never ever do.

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