Disneyland officially turns 50 this Sunday the 17th.

There is a very real possibility that the park will reach its maximum capacity and that the entrance gates will be closed. It’s rare, but it does happen! I think the last time might have been Christmas day last year.

The 50th birthday itself is bound to draw in tons of guests, but the fact that it falls on a Sunday in the middle of summer compounds the problem!

Disneyland is going to allow people to start lining up for entry as early as 2AM on the 17th. They’re expecting the lines to be so long that they’re letting people stand in line (or sit, or sleep) inside California Adventure all morning until the semi-official opening at 7am.

If you do make it into the park (one way or another) it’ll probably be one of your more memorable trips. It’s not every day that an American icon turns 50 and you’re there to see it!

Mouseplanet has a run-down of the day’s planned events.

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