We rode the new-and-improved Space Mountain last night. It’s hard to believe that it’s been closed for more than two years!

The track layout is unchanged, although the track itself has been completely rebuilt from scratch. The ride experience really isn’t much different at all. The queue has been given a show upgrade and looks quite a bit different. I was sad to see that the package-scanning FedEx robot is now gone. 🙁 The launch and re-entry tunnels are all-new, and the old soundtrack was ditched for a new one that Tammy said sounded “a little too James Bond”.

It all amounts to a refreshing facelift for a classic indoor coaster built in 1977.

While we didn’t have time to finish any of them last night, we also picked up the three in-park quests for VMK. If you finish them all you’ll get a pretty sweet non-virtual prize!

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