Sirius updated their channel lineup this week.

New channels include Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville on 98 and Martha Stewart Living on 131.

Sirius Vacation has moved from 99 to 97, and while the programming remains the same the channel has been renamed “Sirius” on the program guide, leading me to assume that Vacation is not long for this world. I’d guess that Margaritaville will play everything that Vacation plays now.

The “Our Time” women’s channel has been removed from the lineup. Our Time programming is still played on 125 but is now pre-empted by sporting events.

AirAmerica on 144 is now called Talk and should get some new programming once AirAmerica leaves Sirius for an exclusive deal with XM. (I guess hippies just love working with ClearChannel – go figure!)

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