Going to Disneyland on weeknights turns me into a zombie the next day. I’m so wiped out it’s not even funny.

By the time we got to the park after work last night the crowds had died down a fair amount:

We made it to the Blue Bayou for dinner. The standby line was only like 15 minutes long!

I got chicken florentine and cleaned my plate

After dinner we moseyed on over to the hub and managed to get great spots to see Remember just 45 minutes before the show started. The crowd watching today was a lot more vocal than the one watching on Monday. People were hootin’ and hollerin’ and breaking into spontaneous applause all throughout the show. It was a great atmosphere and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Cameraphones suck in general, and for nighttime/firework shots they suck TIMES TEN.

“Remember” only gets better with repeated viewings, and I highly recommend repeated viewings!

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