I got a tip yesterday that Disneyland was going to do the first test run of the new fireworks show, completely unannounced, for the public last night. Sure enough, 20 minutes after the “official” park closing time we were there in the hub watching the new show.

Steve Davison, the show’s producer, was mingling through the crowd nametag-less to get a feel for reactions and there were more than a few camera crews documenting everything.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better fireworks show in my life. There’s tons of low-level pyro launch stations encircling the hub, and the end result is that there’s so many different layers of effects shooting off in front of you and all around you that you almost feel like you’re in the center of a fireball.

If you’re thinking of visiting the park soon, you really do need to be standing in the hub to get the best view.

The show starts ‘for reals’ on Thursday and plays at least through the summer. Check the resort calendar for showtimes.

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