I was thinking a little bit over the weekend about what Tivo could do to improve their position in the market, and it hit me – thin clients!

Each household would have just one or maybe two ‘real’ Tivo units – the things you can buy now. Every other TV in the home would use a “TivoLite” box – a smaller version of Tivo that’s not capable of recording video on its own. In fact, TivoLite wouldn’t have any inputs at all – it’d just stream pre-recorded video wirelessly from the ‘real’ Tivo units located elsewhere in the home. You wouldn’t be able to watch live TV on these Lite units, but few people with Tivo do that anyway…and if they needed to, they could just go watch it on their main TV.

If TivoLite was an actual product on the market, I’d buy two today!

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