ATI provides on their website a single video driver that works with pretty much every chipset they’ve ever made. They call it the Catalyst driver, and they update it pretty regularly so that it can boost performance in games, fix bugs, whatever.

In recent years ATI’s Mobility Radeon series of video processors have worked worked their way into laptops across the industry. ATI feels that the responsibility for providing updated video drivers for these laptops should rest on the shoulders of the laptop manufacturer. They’ve gone so far as to prevent their Catalyst driver installer package from installing on any machine with a Mobility Radeon chip.

That sucks ass because laptop owners often get stuck using hopelessly out-of-date video drivers, most of which are never updated after their initial release.

Luckily someone has seen fit to change all that! DriverHeaven’s Mobility Modder will modify the detection routine of the Catalyst installer, allowing anyone with a mobile ATI video chipset to install the latest drivers from ATI themselves.

Installation is a breeze and the drivers work flawlessly. If you’re using a laptop now and are having troubles running say, Half Life 2, these new drivers will hook you up!

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