Do a quick search at the US Trademark Office and you’ll find that a guy named David Foley is attempting to trademark both the name and official logo of MAME, the open-source Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

The first thing I thought when I read this was “Oh cool. The MAME team is going to protect their good name with the power of a trademark.” But then I realized that David Foley has nothing to do with MAME. In fact, he just sells UltraCade game cabinets that happen to be powered by MAME. That’s it.

This David Foley feller claims that it’s to prevent “illegal competition” with other companies selling arcade cabinets, because apparently UltraCade provides legally licensed ROMS and their competitors do not.

Wahatever dude.

The MAME community is up in arms over these shenanigans.

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