I was sick of Nextel’s lousy coverage and insane billing practices, so today I jumped ship for Cingular.

I chose to go with the totally radical SonyEricsson T637. I hate flip phones with a passion, so the T637 was right up my alley.

If you’ve got a T637, or are thinking about getting one, allow me to educate you on some points!

Customizing your phone with games, ringtones, and themes can be a costly endeavor! All those downloaded kilobytes can add up pretty quickly, so you should avoid doing that at all costs. You can link up your T637 to your PC through a direct serial connection, infrared, or bluetooth.

You’ll also want to use an essential piece of free software called Float’s Mobile Agent which’ll let you edit your phonebook, sync it with Outlook if you want, upload games and themes, download cameraphone shots, and other stuff.

The T637 supports games written in Java and in something called Mophun. Mophun is similar to Java, however it was created for the sole purpose of creating cell phone games optimized for whatever hardware they’re run on. So as you can imagine, Mophun games run a heck of a lot faster than Java games.

Finding games for the T637 is tricky at first, but it’s easy once you realize that it’s got the same capabilities (speed and screen resolution) as the T610, T630, Z600, and maybe even some other phones in the SonyEricsson lineup.

The definitive SonyEricsson game archive is over at http://soneric.ru/games, however in order to access the site you’ll need to hit it through a russian proxy server. Use the search tools to narrow your search if you’d like to exclude Java games.

If you can’t be bothered to do that, you can still find quite a few games at t610yz600.com.

And finally, there are tons of free themes out there, so I’ll just link to one site that’s got a few hundred – esato.com.

Now that you know how to do all this stuff for free, please don’t ever spend your hard-earned money on something as stupid and pointless as ringtones and games for your mobile phone. Cellular carriers prey on the uninformed to make their money – don’t get taken in by their saucy charms!

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