Sunday at CES I saw the world’s largest plasma television. At 102″, it wasn’t exactly something I could slip into my bag and sneak out with. Samsung had it roped off too, so someone would have seen me.

The temptation was great. I resisted.

I somehow manage to cross paths with Tony Baxter all the time in Anaheim Hills around my house. I saw him walking the floor at CES, too. He was checking out the PocketPC stuff at Microsoft’s booth.

I lost about five bucks having a grand old time playing nickel slots at New York, New York. The free-drink-bearing waitresses seemed to steer clear of the machines, though. I imagine a twenty cent tip probably doesn’t go as far as it used to.

I drove to Las Vegas and back by myself in some of the worst weather the region has seen in nearly a year. Amazingly I still made it in less than four hours each way. Leaving my house at 8pm in total darkness Saturday night added a nice “Oh shit! What was that!” factor to the mix.

Satellite radio made for good company this weekend.

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