I don’t think that most people these days understand the concept of an RSVP.

We had a little new years shindig at our house last night and sent out 47 invitations through Evite. We were only expecting a handful of people to actually show up, as it was just a low-key BBQ and booze party in our tiny house.

Out of those 47 invitations, 22 people never responded at all. 22! How are we supposed to figure out how much food to buy and prepare if we’ve got this nebulous cloud of 22 people who may or may not show up?

Evite even makes it super easy to RSVP – you literally click a link that says “Will Attend,” “Won’t Attend,” or “Might Attend.” It’s not rocket science. Maybe people feel bad about declining so they pretend like they never got the email or something. Who knows.

Aaanyway, a good time was had by all. And I will never use Evite again.

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