Yesterday was Tammy’s birthday, and her mom took us out to Claim Jumper for dinner.

Tammy ordered a steak medium-rare, but it arrived medium-well. So she sent it back and the server apologized and got a new one – no big deal, and that’s exactly what you’d expect of any restaurant, right?

But check this out – a few minutes later the manager came over not only to apologize, but also to let us know she was taking the steak off of the bill! It wasn’t even that big of a deal, and we weren’t at all upset or making an issue out of it, but she wanted to be nice I guess!

For a bill with just three people on it, a $25 steak is pretty significant.

That’s the Claim Jumper in Brea, folks – they’ve got great food and service that goes above-and-beyond the call. I’ve never had a bad experience there.

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