About 10 years ago, Black Angus used to be a pretty well-respected chain of steakhouses. The food was great, prices were reasonable, and most Black Angus locations were kept up reasonably well with low-light environments, expensive wood tables and accents, and classy silverware that really put some weight in your hand.

This weekend we ate at the Black Angus in Tustin and I can sadly report that the chain appears to have done a complete 180. The place is loud, the decor is more like that of an Applebee’s, the drinks are weak, the food is only so-so, and the silverware is so flimsy you can bend a fork between two fingers. The service wasn’t so hot either. All that combined with a severe lack of meat on the ribs that I ordered seemed to be indicative of a cost-cutting trend in this particular chain of eateries.

It may just be the Tustin location that sucks, but I have many fond childhood memories of hitting the Black Angus in Torrance and that place seemed a whole lot better. It’s just sad.

These days if you’re looking for a good steak at a chain that won’t break the bank, your only choices are really Claim Jumper, The Elephant Bar, and Outback.

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