SENT is “America’s First Phonecam Art Show,” and it’s not just some online thing. There’s an actual galleryspace in downtown Los Angeles being used for this.

You can’t get more high-fallutin’, uber-pretentious, and totally full of yourself in the world of art no matter how hard you try. Whether you’re an organizer or a contributor taking it seriously, you are a retard.

I say this to you ‘artists’ because you may not get out much and you probably rub elbows with other weirdos, but I can’t make it much clearer than this: “America is laughing at you.”

Hey, everybody’s invited to my house next week for America’s first macaroni art show! It will be great! I’ll have free wi-fi too! And I will somehow get NPR to sponsor it, just like these people did.

Look, I can understand having like a ‘digital camera art show’ or something. But why segment it down to a ‘low resolution digital camera art show’? And christ almighty, why not just have a ‘photography show’? Who cares about camera phone art anyway?

Am I right?

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