Man what a weekend!

Saturday night we had dinner with Stacy and Steve at Claes Restaurant in Laguna. They’re having their rehearsal dinner there in October, so it was nice to get a sneak peek. Afterwards we walked through The Montage, drinks in-hand, to check out the wedding and reception areas. Pretty swanky! They’re gonna have one heck of a wedding.

Sunday we spent the day at Tammy’s parents house (her dad made the jump from charcoal to propane – awesome) and the night at Disneyland with S&S. The 4th fireworks were so-so. I was hoping for more. They kind of skimp on the really big exploders, I’ve noticed.

Then Monday we were out pretty much all day again with S&S, having lunch at a beachside pizza place in Laguna and then stopping at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Canyon, which is like an outdoors art studio filled with lots of people selling their work.

Three day weekend!

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