I hooked up my new PS2 network adapter this weekend in preparation for my soon-to-arrive HDLoader, and I had a hell of a time getting it to work. I kept getting “DNAS ERROR (-116)” no matter what I tried.

After DHCP wouldn’t work and assigning a static IP wouldn’t either, I figured I should start poking around on my router, and therein lay the problem!

The problem turned out to be this- The PS2 network adapter won’t work with the D-Link DI-624. Not out of the box, anyway. To make it work you have to visit the Home/LAN page on your router and ENABLE DNS RELAY (it’s disabled by default.) Turn that thingie on and you’re good to go!

Through Google I found tons of people online with this same problem, and none of them had found a fix. Hopefully by posting this here I’ll help other people in the same situation!

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