The birthday weekend rocked me like a hurricane, and I owe it all to Tammy for organizing the extravaganza.

Sunday morning we went to the Tustin Chili Cookoff and Street Fair with Stacy and Steve. After that we hopped over to the ol’ DLR where we had a late lunch at the Blue Bayou. I had never had one of their famed Monte Cristos before, so it was a first for me. That night we saw The Day After Tomorrow, which is a good disaster movie with great effects and badly mangled science (so I’ve read). I thought it was pretty entertaining and didn’t think it was nearly as bad as the reviews made it out to be. Harry Potter 3 on the other hand, was not up to my expectations.

On the presents side of things, I made out like a bandit.

Tammy and her parents teamed up to get a Series2 80 hour Tivo to replace our 14 hour Series1 behemoth. It’s gonna be so nice to not have to plug that thing in to a phone line every two weeks. I’ve got an old wireless USB network adapter collecting dust in a closet somewhere. Time to dig that guy out and put him to work!

My parents gave me money to put towards a satellite radio which I just ordered yesterday. I decided to go with the Clarion PNP because it was the least-flashiest and therefore least-likely-to-get-stolen option. I ordered it online at the cheapest place I could find it – Crutchfield of all places. Expect a full review and maybe some installation photos when it arrives this week!

Day 2 of being 26 has begun!

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