So there’s this channel I get on my TV called Noggin, and it’s sort of like Nickelodeon for preschoolers. At 6pm Noggin becomes The N, an edgier version of Nickelodeon for the teenage crowd.

When I browse through my channel guide it’s usually when The N is on the air…and 99% of the time, the show that’s on is “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. I got so sick of seeing that weirdly-named show on my program guide for the past few months that this weekend I actually watched an episode. And another. And another. This show is amazing.

Degrassi is set in a high school in Canada, funny accents and all. But the kids in the show are put through some pretty tough real-world situations! Infidelity, family alcoholism, teen sex, and plenty more are all there! It’s a little like a teen soap-opera, but the dialogue is believable and the characters come off as being authentic and very real. And you won’t be able to stop watching after your first 10 minutes.

I haven’t seen very many episodes, but already I can tell you that Craig needs to dump Ashley and get with Manny. Ashley’s all about keeping up appearances. Craig needs to be with someone who appreciates him and Ashley ain’t it!

I’m not sure how The N makes any money, because as far as I can tell 95% of their programming is Degrassi, and the only commercials that they play are Degrassi promos. But who cares – the next season starts Friday! I’m pumped!

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