Love him or hate him, Michael Moore usually has ‘interesting’ opinions about a lot of things. A young filmmaker has an ‘interesting’ opinion about him and will be releasing Michael Moore Hates America this summer.

I used to love Michael Moore back when he did TV Nation on NBC. That was such a funny, intelligent show and it didn’t last as long as it should have before it got canned.

When he started getting all political about stuff I sort of lost my enthusiasm for him. It’s fine to hold strong political opinions about the state of the world or big business or whatever, but it made him look like a kook when he gave his little Oscar speech. It took him from ‘people’s advocate’ to ‘radical left-wing advocate’ overnight.

When it comes to politics, I think I’d prefer it if people took a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy – not just on TV – but everywhere. You’ll never change peoples’ minds about politics and religion, so why bother.

I don’t think that Michael Moore Hates America. He just hates the people and the companies that run it, and he loves screaming and yelling about it to anyone that’ll listen. Jiminy Christmas man, just move to Canada already and shut up about it.

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