ExtremeTech just put up a guide to buying HDTV.

I’m in no position to buy a new TV right now. And in fact, I’m still very much in love with my non-HDTV set.

HOWEVER, the world of HDTV is confusing as hell, and I fear the day when I will need to spend a few weekends researching my socks off to get something that will look great, have enough connectors for all my crap, and impress me enough that I feel compelled to plop down money for a 5.1 surround system.

It’s a really good read; not too technical. It explains how many “HDTV” sets just stretch or squish an image to fit the TV’s own resolution, and it stresses the importance of getting a TV that can natively support 720p or 1080i. That’s something you’d think about when purchasing an LCD PC monitor, but maybe not when you’re looking for a TV!

You should check it out if you’ve even got just a passing interest in HDTV, because you have to stay on top of stuff like this!

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