If you’d like a free FastPass for the Tower of Terror – one without a time ‘window’ on it so that you can walk right on the ride when you show up – look no further. You can get a voucher for just such a pass online in a matter of minutes!

Go to http://www.hollywoodtowerhotel.com/

Wait for the animation to finish and at the top of the page there is a link to download the TOT game.

I wrote up answers to all the puzzles, so go crazy!


bellhop- left behind the plant

maid- left behind the fat guy

kid on bike- right behind the plant


1g 7r

3g 2r

5g 10r

6g 1r

7g 5r

8g 15r

9g 3r

10g 8r

11g 11r

12g 9r

14g 13r

15g 6r

PRIZE: 10% off $50 merch coupon


easy – figure it out

PRIZE: 15% off $75 merch coupon


easy – figure it out

PRIZE: 20% off $100 merch coupon


Connect red pipe pieces to boiler to connect all segements

Go to the bedroom

Click the toolbox next to the bike

Use the wrench on the red wheel connected to the boiler

Go to the lobby

Click the table next to the check-in desk

Use the lighter on the boiler’s three openings

Click the fusebox next to the elevator – can’t do anything here yet

Go to the library

Click on the clickable books (down-right of the tv)

Dust off the titles and open “Wiring Diagrams for Elevators” (blue


Draw the wires that you see on the diagram

Click the elevator button

Follow the bellhop into the elevator.

You’re done!

PRIZE: FastPass coupon

The printable voucher that you get is good from May 5th (opening day) through July 2nd and is good for up to six people. Finish the game then reinstall it and play again if you’d like another voucher (they’re individually bar-coded to prevent repeat plays!)

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