So check this out.

I’m all about pre-paid wireless phones. I like having no contract and I hardly use the phone, so it works out to be way cheap.

I was originally with AT&T Wireless who charged around $0.33/min. I was mostly happy with AT&T, and left primarily because of the price.

Then I found Boost Mobile who charged a mere $0.25/min, and I switched to them.

ONE WEEK LATER, AT&T lowered their rate to $0.25/min too. I slapped my forehead and moved on with my life.

Now word comes that 7-11 is launching their own wireless service called “Speak Out Wireless” at an industry-leading 20 cents per minute.

I’m not gonna lie to ya – I’m unhappy with Boost (aka Nextel). The coverage is spotty in the LA area, and the signal strength bars on my phone jump up and down from no signal to full strength when I stand still. AT&T was way better.

Still, Boost does give me free Internet access, and that’s tough to pass up…


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