We went on the Tower of Terror yesterday and it was reeeeeally good. I was actually surprised. Given the current trend of Disney theme park cheapness, the Tower of Terror is actually a lushly themed, full-featured, high-tech attraction. It’s amazing how great it is. My theory on this is that they spent the money on R&D for Florida, so the smaller budget for our version went a little farther than you’d expect.

Some effects are missing from the Orlando original, but they’ve been supplanted by some newer technology and you really won’t miss them all that much.

It’s clear that much more work was put into the Tower than any other attraction at DCA. It is now the single most important attraction at the park, making everything else in the park look cheap by comparison (which wasn’t all that difficult a feat, to be honest.) It will be interesting to see if it has any impact on the attendance numbers at DCA this year. I’m sure that’s what they’re banking on. The Tower of Terror officially opens on May 5th – next Wednesday!

Afterwards we had dinner with Stacy and Steve at the newly opened Tortilla Jo’s in Downtown Disney. Service was decent but the food was lousy and expensive. The only thing remarkable about their menu was their giant list of tequillas. They specialize in making no-mix margaritas, where it’s just tequilla and lime juice and that’s it! It wasn’t my thing, but Tammy and Stacy enjoyed them. Granted, the place just opened last weekend, but I think they have a bit more work to do on their menu before we’ll go back.

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