A .torrent of the 1964 World’s Fair/Disney 4-CD box set is up for your downloading pleasure over at waxy.org. The release of this audio collection was cancelled for unknown reasons a few years ago.

It’s a great audio time-capsule of Disney’s inolvement with the World’s Fair of 1964, back when the Fairs took place with some regularity. Disney partnered up with Ford, General Electric, Pepsi, and the state of Illinois in developing their pavillion attractions. The cross promotion was a win for everyone inolved – Disney relied on these sponsors to fund the R&D for the new technology involved, and in the end Disneyland wound up with four state-of-the-art attractions.

These CDs have been floating around the internet for about a year now, and I’m actually a little shocked that waxy.org would risk linking to it… You should definitely grab this if you’re looking for some truly vintage park audio. All four of the featured attractions eventually made it over to Disneyland, with some interesting tweaks which I will now recall here in case you are bored-

– The dinos from the Ford Skyway were reused in the railroad dioramas. The “Disneyland Skyway” and the skyway at the World’s Fair were identical in name only. The Ford attraction had you riding in convertibles – the Anaheim attraction was gondola transportation between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.

– Progressland was renamed the Carousel of Progress. It was later replaced at Disneyland but was moved and continues to operate on a seasonal basis in Orlando.

– It’s A Small World has remained virtually unchanged for 40 years.

– Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln has been was revised a few times, most recently in 2002.

Back in 1964 a young man named Raymond Dashner walked all around the fair with a tape recorder and recorded everything from everywhere. He has since converted those recordings to mp3s and sells CDs full of them online. If you’re interested in more aural history of the fair, you can’t miss it. A free online stream of his recordings can be found over here.

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