Yesterday was probably the worst day at work we’ve ever had.

We were the target of a DDOS, one that was so large it overwhelmed our routers. Our upstream providers were slow to react to our requests to filter the traffic, so that only made things worse. Every site that we hosted was up – but unreachable.

We have many pissed off customers right now, and all of our employees are frazzled. Everything’s fixed now, but it’s going to take a while for us to regain our customers’ trust. We really appreciate our customers, and there are plenty who understand the situation, but some are just really mean and hateful.

It seems to me that if your site has been hosted with us for three years without fault – and then becomes unreachable for the better part of a day – you probably don’t need to threaten legal action (which is overruled by our terms of service anyway.) Our admins busted their asses to get things up and running again while customers left profanity-laced messages in our voicemail and flooded our fax machine.

So the search for a new router is on, and hopefully Black Monday won’t ever happen again.

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